The Future of Insurance CANADA 2023

The Future of Insurance CANADA 2023

Insurance Canada 2023 (IC2023) was conceived as a way to bring together a broad cross-section of the Canadian insurance industry to collectively explore the disruptive forces that are likely to shape the future of our industry.

The Future of Insurance CANADA 2023

The future of insurance in Canada is a huge topic and we’ve only scratched the surface. In this post, we’ll examine how technology, climate change, regulatory changes and demographic changes are changing the industry as a whole.

The impact of technology on the insurance industry has been significant over the last few decades – from smartphones to self-driving cars to online shopping replacing brick-and-mortar stores. As these trends continue to grow in scale and scope (and possibly reach critical mass), they will have a huge impact on how people use their time – which could lead to increased demand for products like auto insurance or life insurance premiums rising faster than inflation rates over time due to fewer hours spent working versus more time spent driving around/shopping online/etcetera etcetera…

P/C Insurers

The insurance industry is one of the most regulated industries in Canada. It’s also a vital part of our economy, which makes it an exciting place for new technology to be developed. P/C insurers are a significant source of capital for Canada’s economy, providing funding to businesses and consumers alike.

Life & Health Insurers

Life and health insurers are responsible for paying out benefits when a policyholder dies or becomes disabled.

They’re regulated by the provincial insurance regulator, which means that each province has its own rules about how companies can operate.


Reinsurers are a large part of the insurance industry and have been around since the beginning. They are responsible for spreading risk across multiple insurers, which allows them to offer better rates than any one company could do on its own.

Reinsurance companies are more likely to participate in the future of insurance in Canada because they can benefit from improved efficiency as well as lower costs when they need help managing their portfolios or changing policies that may be outdated or no longer appropriate for their customers’ needs.


Brokers are the middlemen between the customer and the insurance company. They can be independent or employed by an insurance company, and they can also sell different types of insurance, such as car insurance, life insurance, property insurance and more.

Govt. Bodies & Regulators

In Canada, the government needs to be involved in insurance. It needs to regulate insurance. It also needs to provide a framework for insurance companies, brokers and agents.

The government should be able to set up a regulatory agency that would oversee all aspects of the industry including setting standards for policies and pricing them accordingly. The government could do this by creating an umbrella group called “Insurance Canada” which would develop regulations around consumer protection as well as conduct research into new technologies that may affect how we buy or use our products/services from time-to-time (e..g., robot cars).

Technology Companies (IT, Software)

If you’re interested in technology, then these companies are for you.

  • Software companies that make software for insurance companies. These companies provide the tools needed to run an insurance company, from accounting software to risk models and everything in between. Most of these products also include an API so that other firms can integrate them into their own systems or build upon them if they need more functionality than what’s available out of the box (i.e., not just building on top of someone else’s platform).
  • Software companies that provide software for insurance agents/brokers/underwriters (i.e., those who sell policies). This category includes everything from mobile apps designed specifically for this purpose through desktop applications designed with ease-of-use in mind by taking advantage of modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 along with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or AngularJS (GoogleBig Data) which help make sure things work smoothly across all platforms without having too much overhead costs associated with maintaining multiple versions simultaneously.”

Banks & Other Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions are also important to insurance. Banks offer a lot of financial services, including mortgages and credit cards. They are also an important part of our economy by providing loans to small businesses, which helps them grow and thrive.

Banks have been around for centuries, so if you want to get into the banking industry now is the time!

Consultants, Auditors & Analysts

Consultants, auditors and analysts are important members of your company’s team. These professionals provide advice and assistance to companies so they can keep up with their competitors, improve efficiency and profitability, or just stay on top of the latest trends.

Consultants help you understand what is happening in the industry so that you can make informed decisions about how best to position your business within it. They also help with strategies for growth through market segmentation analysis; creating value propositions; identifying customer needs; developing new products or services based on those needs; determining demand requirements for each product/service offering (including pricing); selecting suppliers for raw materials/equipment needed for production activities at each stage throughout production process leading up to final saleable product(s).

Auditors are independent experts who provide assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting by providing an opinion letter stating whether there have been no material changes in internal control procedures since last audit date (which means no evidence exists suggesting fraud during that time period), indicating whether there is significant risk involved due to some critical aspect not disclosed previously by management team such as revenue recognition policy not being formally documented prior thereto by appropriate authority such as board members etcetera….

Auto Makers & Part Suppliers, Transportation Cos.

Auto makers and part suppliers

Auto manufacturers and their suppliers are also likely to be affected by the future of insurance in Canada. As we saw with Tesla, a major automaker can be a volatile industry. The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has hurt traditional carmakers like Ford, GM and Chrysler as well as dealerships who rely on selling gas guzzlers. EVs may not be able to replace all auto sales but they have been able to slow down demand for traditional cars which causes problems for both automakers and parts suppliers alike.

Media and Academia

Media and academia are important to the future of insurance. They help keep the industry informed about what’s going on, educate the public about insurance and make sure that everyone has access to information.

Media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and television networks report on stories related to insurance; these stories can be either positive or negative in nature. For example, if an accident occurs where several people were injured by a vehicle that was hit by another driver while driving down busy roads during rush hour traffic congestion (which is very common), then this news will likely be covered by many media outlets because it’s interesting news material that could potentially attract more viewers/readers at home who might want more information about how they can protect themselves against similar accidents happening again in their own neighborhood!

Insurance Canada 2023 was conceived as a way to bring together a broad cross-section of the Canadian insurance industry to collectively explore the disruptive forces that are likely to shape the future of our industry.

Insurance Canada 2023 was conceived as a way to bring together a broad cross-section of the Canadian insurance industry to collectively explore the disruptive forces that are likely to shape the future of our industry.

We are now entering an era where technological advances may fundamentally change how we do business, and it is imperative that we understand these changes so we can prepare ourselves for them.


Insurance Canada 2023 is a unique opportunity for the Canadian insurance industry to get together and make sense of the changing times. It’s an important part of our country’s history, and it will undoubtedly be influential on the way we think about life, health, property and casualty insurance in Canada today.

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